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Master’s in Organisational Psychology
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Master’s in Organisational Psychology

The Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology [CM037BUS028] is aligned with the Health Professions Council of South Africa’s scope of practice for the professional training of industrial/organisational psychologists. The programme aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to perform the role of scientist-practitioner.

  • What are the programme requirements?

    The programme is aimed at people who have an Honours degree in Organisational Psychology or Industrial Psychology. Please note that we do not accept candidates who hold Honours degrees in any other field of study.

    You need to have completed at least four years’ worth of Organisational Psychology in order to be selected into this programme. In order to qualify for selection into the programme applicants should have an average mark of 65% for their honours degree.

    Entrance into the programme is by means of a selection process. Selection criteria are academic performance in the degrees stated and the University’s employment equity policy.

  • Can I do this if I work full time?

    Classes are scheduled from 17h00-19h00‚ two to three days per week. Coursework assignments‚ research dissertations‚ presentations and supervisory meetings are scheduled to suit people who work full time.

  • How long is this programme?

    The Masters programme is a one-year‚ full time programme. The course starts in February and ends in December. Both the coursework and the dissertation are completed within the same year of study.

  • Do you offer an on-line or part-time Masters course?

    No‚ we do not offer this programme on-line or part-time.If you are not able to attend lectures each week you might be interested in our MPhil in People Management, which is run in six blocks of three days each over two years.

  • Do you offer a Masters’ degree by dissertation only?

    No‚ we only offer a Masters’ degree by coursework and dissertation.

  • What does the programme consist of?

    The programme consists of two parts: a coursework section and a research dissertation of 20‚000 words.

    The coursework section of the programme consists of seven compulsory modules:

    • Theories and approaches to work
    • Research design
    • Statistics
    • Psychological assessment
    • Professional practice and career
    • Evaluating organisational psychology interventions
    • Occupational health psychology

    For the research dissertation‚ students choose a research topic offered by a supervisor who works in this focus area. The research dissertation is aligned with the Research Methods module and structured in such a way that students complete it within one year. The dissertation is limited to 20‚000 words.

  • Does the programme lead to registration as an Industrial Psychologist?

    The programme is recognised by the South African Board of People Practice as contributing toward professional training in Human Resource Practice. It is also recognised by the Health Professions Council of South Africa as contributing to registration as an Industrial Psychologist.

  • How do I apply?

    Unlike in previous years‚ the Section of Organisational Psychology no longer has a two step application process. To apply for the above programme please complete the University’s Online Application Form which can be accessed by clicking the button below: Applications usually open in May and close mid-November in the year preceding the year in which you would like to study.

    Apply Here

    Please ensure you have the necessary documentation available (official transcripts‚ SAQA certificates‚ etc) when completing this form as your are required to upload this information.

  • Cost and financial assistance

    Please go to the University website and check the cost of the programme under the relevant course codes (BUS5033W and BUS5034H). 

    International students should contact the IAPO for programme costs‚ click here to visit the IAPO website, Limited financial support is available in the form of scholarships‚ bursaries and student loans. Please contact the Postgraduate Funding Office for more information (pgfunding@uct.ac.za). Please note that some scholarships require application by June of the year preceding your study year. You are advised to apply in June even if you do not know by then whether you have been selected into the programme. International students should note that funding is limited and are advised to apply for sponsorship in their own countries.

  • Student Housing

    Should you want to know about student housing at Cape Town University‚ please contact res@uct.ac.za

  • Who should I contact?

    Please contact Ameeta Jaga for any further information.

For more information on the programme, please refer to pages 73 and 74 of the 2020 Commerce Postgraduate Handbook